Live Fearlessly

Have you ever had such an insane amount of courage you felt you could do anything?  You could make decisions that seemed like a lifetime of torture, yet all of a sudden you had the strength to make them?  Perhaps you finally committed to a weight-loss program, went after your “dream job”, quit a job you hated, decided to move across the country, or chose to leave an unhealthy relationship.

The feeling is exhilarating – especially when you struggled so hard to get to the point of action.

Then, one day, you wake up and think, “Holy Shitballs”.

You’re scare to death.  You’re thinking about the future and there’s no way to anticipate what it will bring because you’ve just entered uncharted territory.  YIKES.

What we need to remember, is the same God who was with us when we took the bold steps necessary for our growth and transformation will be there in those gnarly, scary days that haunt our dreams at night.

I’ve always been one to plan things out.  My mind is constantly formulating, planning, anticipating, and trouble-shooting.  Maybe yours is, too.  That’s exactly what the enemy wants because it prevents us from “being still”.  When we’re unable to be still, we’re unable to hear those soft whispers from the one and only true source of our strength.  The one who guides us each day, anxiously waiting for us to hear His voice as He tells us who to love, who to bless and who to show mercy to.  We’re nothing more than a vessel to distribute love to those in need – but we’re often too busy to even see the needs of others, let alone act.

I had a wise man tell me this week that “Chaos is a terrible thing to waste, as old things get uprooted and new things are made”.

Your life may feel chaotic right now.  You may be fearful.  You may feel like you don’t know yourself because you’re like a YO-YO of emotions.  That’s OK.  It’s normal, especially if you’re in the middle of any life changes.  It’s painful to see old things get uprooted, but we receive small glimmers of hope when new things emerge.

Take one day at a time.  Remember that FEAR IS NOT OF GOD.

Figure out what you need to remind yourself each day to live fearlessly.  For me, this ring is my reminder and will be a daily staple.  Be the example to others.  Create within yourself a resolve to live each day to the best of your ability.

In the end, the chaos will eventually die down.  You will slowly emerge little by little.  You won’t recognize who you are or fathom how God intends to use you … you will just “know” that it is exactly as it should be.

“Be brave, be kind, be bold, be fierce, be YOU”





2 thoughts on “Live Fearlessly

  1. Keegan Urban says:

    Thank you Jules! You are truly a vessel. I love reading your blogs, especially as an entrepreneur. You say and put into words what has been put on my heart. I can really relate and I send your messages to people in my life that I think need hear them as well. (Mostly my Mother) Thank you so much for sharing and being being , being kind, being bold, being Fierce, and being you! Please keep doing what your doing!


    • Keegan Urban says:

      P.S It was supposed to read…

      “Thank you so much for sharing, being brave, being kind, being bold, being Fierce, and being you! Please keep doing what you’re doing!

      Oops! Where’s the edit button? 😁


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