Angels In The Desert

This morning, I missed the sunrise.  I’ve found it soothing and healing to watch it rise the past few days in such a magnificent place as Gold Canyon overlooking the Superstition Mountains.  I was disappointed for just a second, but still went to sit in nature to start my day.  Instead of the sunrise, the canvas was made up of big, puffy clouds that took my breath away.  We rarely get clouds and these reminded me of the ones as a child when we’d laid in the cool grass, identifying objects without a care in the world.

As I prayed, I asked God what He wanted of me today.  What He wanted me to see, what lessons He wanted me to learn and how He could use me through those lessons.

As I turned my head, I saw these two birds on the top of this very old Saguaro.  I snapped a picture, then thought perhaps I could get a closer (better) one.  Still sore from my abdominal surgery, I gingerly got off my golf cart, took about three steps and one bird flew away.  I felt like he flipped me off as he passed, irritated at my intrusion into their private moment.

The message shared with my spirit was to quiet that inner voice that’s desperate to always want more … bigger … better … newer … shinier.  This picture below was perfect as is,  but I still thought a closer, crisper version would be MORE perfect.  God whispered, “No child, there’s no need to focus on chasing perfection.  Chase ME.  Grow closer to ME.  Rest in ME.”  I’ve chased perfection for so many years that my body had to send me an S.O.S. signal to be grateful for what I have.


I no sooner sat back down when I saw two elderly people hiking the trail.  They quietly sat down at a resting point – and I could hear them chatting quietly with eachother.  The moment I saw them I felt their energy.  I could feel their connectedness to nature, and their keen desire to be in the moment, undisturbed.

Leave it to me, after giving them a few moments, to ask if they’d take my picture to share with my friends to “show” how much progress I’ve made the last few days.  He gladly took the picture – and then it began.  The quickest transition from what a beautiful day it was to deep soul-to-soul connections about the meaning of life and the importance of God, our connectedness to the Universe, and all that goes with it.  These souls have 168 years of combined spiritual life under their belts and nearly everything that flowed from their lips could be a topic for a blog post in and of itself.

I was spellbound.

He talked about the teachings of Buddha – specifically that against greed.  He pointed out how the world needs MORE, MORE, MORE.  More cars, RV’s, second homes, and on and on.  How that is not of God.  God wants us to focus on Him, creating a smaller focus and being centered and satisfied vs. an expanded focus that leaves us drowning in our desire for more.

I felt frozen in time as he verbalized what God had just whispered to me. I took in his wisdom like a sponge.  I knew my memory wouldn’t retain the wisdom and it was difficult to place such focus on someone, not wanting to waste one syllable for fear it would leave me forever.  I chose to listen and focus intently on his determined eyes, hoping my spirit would retain it for me.

As he spoke, his wife said to me, “Sit down.  Let me massage you as we talk – you’ve been through major surgery and need some pampering”.  It wasn’t a suggestion it was a command, and she gently escorted me to the bench.  As her hands gently massaged my neck, shoulders and back, I thought to myself, “This can’t be happening”.  I was awestruck.


The pure love for life, her faith in Christ and the way they seamlessly interjected their thoughts into eachothers’ sentences was not only mesmerizing but slightly entertaining.

I left the experience KNOWING  I was touched by earthly angels.




The exact people I seek out and dream about meeting.

To think, 13 days post OP – not driving yet – wouldn’t it be just like our almighty Father to bring them to me!  Right where I sat – in the middle of the desert.

It’s no coincidence I missed the sunrise today … it was divinely planned.

As we stood, attempting to part ways, my cell phone had been in my hand – I had not moved a muscle … had not touched ONE button and out of nowhere, my Pandora popped on causing us all to jump a little.

Lauren Daigle’s, “Trust in You” blared, but it was the tail-end of the song and all she sang was, “I will trust in you”.  I was SOOOOO freaked out!!  I can’t make this stuff up.  I had goosebumps all up and down my body.  (Listen below)

Trust In You – Lauren Daigle

Friends, never doubt the miracles that surround you when you slow down long enough to be present.  To quiet yourself and submit to what HE wants to show you, teach you and equip you with to take out into the world.

We can all be used as instruments to then spread faith, hope and love among others.

Or even inspire others to dig a little deeper to connect to the magnificent Universe we rarely take the time to notice, much less appreciate.

I could not go to bed tonight before sharing this amazing experience with you.  May you be blessed by it.

Love & blessings,



3 thoughts on “Angels In The Desert

  1. Deanie says:

    So THAT’s what you were trying to tell me today. Julie! That’s remarkable, miraculous, beautiful. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this revelation. You have a mighty big God.
    Love you,


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