Early on in my Cancer journey, the owner of my company gifted me 100 necklaces to give away at my appointments. She knew it would bless me AND the recipients.

Once those necklaces were gone, I asked for friends and family to “sponsor” necklaces for me to donate.

To date, I have gifted approximately 1,000 necklaces and chill cups to women and men undergoing Cancer treatment.

These gifts are met with tears, stories, prayer, and sometimes just a quick moment of connection – a knowing that we walk the same journey.

No matter how it happens, patients are left with a reminder to never lose HOPE.

I am seeking individuals to help me with this ministry. I charge my wholesale price ONLY ($24). I pay shipping and tax. I do not wish to profit from these products. My greatest gift is in the giving.

Additionally, jBloom donates $10 from each necklace to “Baskets of Hope” (see below).

If you would like to help, you can contact me at: bcharmed1012@jshangle

If you would like to purchase a necklace for yourself, you can do so here: