Looks Are Deceiving


How many times have you seen someone beautiful, yet as they approach, they look like they’ve been hit with an ugly stick?

You’re thinking, “Wow, was that wild”.

How many times do you watch a couple and envy their perfect marriage, then spend actual time with them and realize you could never do it?

How many times do you put makeup on thinking, “Damn, I’m looking pretty good”, then flip the mirror to the magnifying side to see one lone whisker on your chin that is so obvious you could use it to roast marshmallows?

C’mon… don’t act like none of this has happened to you.

Looks are deceiving no matter how close you stand.

Sometimes we’re so worried about our outward appearance, our souls become ugly.

We spend more time in salons and boutiques than the word of God, positive thinking and manifesting our desires.

Our image is a greater priority than the relationships we are allowing to die on the vine.

True beauty can only be found in the heart.

It’s the light in your eyes that tells the world there’s still hope.

How about we spend a little time working on that?


“Be brave, be kind, be bold, be fierce, be YOU”


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